For as long as I can remember, I've always had a camera in my face and in my hands. My dad was, and is still to this day, a photographer. I didn't find it annoying as a kid, I actually loved being in front of the camera... and I'm so glad that I didn't fight it. Because images like the one with me and my toy camera reminds me that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. Without that image, I never would have remembered that tiny camera that I always carried around with me. I am so happy that my parents gave me the ultimate gift of tangible memories from my childhood. 

I value having the opportunity to resurface the memories that have been tucked so far away. I appreciate reflecting on my time spent with those who are no longer here with me today. I love indulging in memories of my school graduations, birthday parties and home life. This is why I do what I do. This is my WHY.

I've always wanted to leave a positive impact on this world, and I hope to give you the ultimate gift of sentimental moments frozen in time.

I'm currently living it up in Folsom, CA with my boyfriend, Daniel, and our loving cat, Butters. She has the shape of a butterfly on her head...hence the name butters!

Daniel and I love spending time at Donner Lake over the summer. I always love being by the water and seeing the waves sparkle in the sunlight.

During these lake trips, we like to take plenty of film photos to document what we are seeing and doing.

Dressing up, lavender iced lattes, meeting up with friends, binging shows on the couch, paying a visit to my fav film shop, listening to good music (bass house, alternative rock, and lots more), skincare, makeup, graphic design, and eating good food is my jam.

I love traveling to SF to visit friends and sight see. I also love taking film photos whenever I can, especially on my travels. My favorite place that I have visited so far is Switzerland.

This very website was designed by me! I have a degree in Design. Once upon a time I wanted to be a full-time graphic designer.

- I listen to new/fav songs on repeat
- burgers and fries are always my go-to order
- I love cats so so much, gimme all of them!
- Kali Uchis, Tame Impala, Odesza, KAYTRANADA, the Barbie Soundtrack are my jam
- I read thriller novels outside on my free time
- I hope to live on the coast one day, love the beach!
- I take frequent day trips to Point Reyes with my boyfriend to collect seashells and watch the susnet <3

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